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“To empower, coach and multiply men and women leaders,
and pastors globally to reach their world for Christ through compassion ministries and church planting movements.”


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Who We Are

LLNI is the mission of Roland and Patricia who grew up with a desire to see people meet Christ and see the Good News spread world wide. In March 2007 they left behind a combined 70 years of ministry in West Coast Churches to begin a world wide ministry to indigenous Pastors, Church Planters and Christian Leaders.

Believing that LEADERS HOLD THE KEY to spreading Christ’s Kingdom, Roland and Patricia’s passion and vision is to pour their lives and focus into those who have the potential of impacting thousands of their own people for Christ.

Together they have trained and equipped leaders from over 25 countries in the Middle East, Europe and South America.

Roland’s leadership focus began over 40 years ago. After spending 12 years working with youth and 30 years as a church planter and Sr. Pastor, he has developed a heart for LEADERS and the UNIQUE CHALLENGES THEY FACE. He is committed to helping pastors and leaders ESTABLISH STRONG PERSONAL FOUNDATIONS for A LIFELONG MINISTRY in order to equip their people to multiply churches and see movements birthed world wide.

Patricia brings a unique blend of artistic beauty and leadership experience from serving for 35 years as a Celebration Arts and Worship leader. She has groomed team leaders of musicians, singers, artists with both adult and children’s focuses. Patricia and Roland team teach Pastors-Leaders and their wives. Her focus is to encourage and train women leaders internationally to develop their God-given giftedness and potential.

Together Roland & Patricia are committed to DEVELOPING and PROVIDING RESOURCES, TOOLS and MATERIALS as well as a listening ear and a heart of encouragement to Leaders, many of whom struggle to “stay in the game” for a lifetime of ministry.

While LLNI provides theological training, practical ministry tools and necessary Resources, one of their UNIQUE FEATURES is to address the issues that knock 70% of Pastors-Leaders out of ministry and promote LifeLong ministry.

For those wanting more on this feature called
“Leadership Foundations - Personal Retrofitting”

or to contact us for Conferences or Coaching
e-mail us at rolandniednagel@yahoo.com or patricianiednagel@yahoo.com
or phone 805-658-0115
Roland’s cell 805-207-0349 Patricia’s cell 805-207-0355

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